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  1. Brave New Coin

    Decred Technical Analysis - Continuing upward momentum
    Brave New Coin
    The Decred (DCR) hash rate has increased substantially this year, and has continued in a strong upward trend. Price has also... An atomic swap involves a direct cross-chain swap for one coin to the other without the use of an intermediary like an ...

  2. Polygon

    Destiny 2's Fireteam Medallions aren't the deal you think they are
    I was grouped with a player for most of that time, and they only received one exotic. The exotic drop rate didn't seem notably higher than without a medallion, but I may have been unusually lucky when running without a medallion, or unusually unlucky ...

  3. CoinDesk

    OmiseGo's ICO Token Is Tops in Market Cap, But Heavy On the Charts
    The OmiseGo-US dollar (OMG/USD) exchange rate has witnessed wild swings this month as China's ICO crackdown and subsequent exchange ban rocked the cryptocurrency markets. OMG, however, was particularly affected by both moves, owing to its ...